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Samsung Focus as GoPhone


Samsung Focus as GoPhone

I just bought a Samsung Focus from eBay.  I wanted to use the phone as my GoPhone, so I put in my SIM GoPhone card into the Samsung Focus from my LG Prime.  


However, the Focus is telling me I have an invalid SIM card. Earlier I posted to make sure the SIM card would work, but now it is not working. It is working fine on my Prime but it is not being detected on my Focus.


Do I have to unlock my Focus or my SIM card for it to work?  

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Re: Samsung Focus as GoPhone

Chances are your SIM card is locked to the LG Prime - typically if you purchase a GoPhone package from at&t that includes the SIM and phone, your SIM will be locked to the phone it is activated with.  You can contact customer service (1-800-331-0500) to see if they will unlock the SIM for you so that it can be used in a different phone. 


If customer service will not unlock the SIM for you, you have two alternatives - purchase a new unactivated SIM from eBay and then call back to have customer service activate it with your existing account/phone number/balance information once you receive the new SIM.  Or you can visit your local Corporate at&t store and tell them you need to get a new SIM for your account/phone number.  If you'll add funds to your account while you are in the store, they should not charge you anything for replacing the SIM.

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