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Samsung Focus and Facebook


Samsung Focus and Facebook

I thought this was a great phone until I signed in on FB.FB is all over my phone now.All the people on my FB friends list are on my phone contacts.Their photos are everywhere.I'm not really alL into FB but there it is.And the worse thing is, "upload to Facebook" is right under, "delete "in pictures.As you know if you have a Samsung Focus, the buttons can be very sensitive when they want to be.I wanted to delete a picture and hit download to FB and ,zoom is was there on my page for all to see.I had to run to my PC and delete the post.Then the next day I found it had made an album too,and the pic was still there.The share option alone was enough.Why did they have to add the quickie FB DL and so close to delete.I can't delete the FB contacts off my phone list either.Image the people who have 600 people.Not everyone is addicted real bad to  Facebook.I would have not bought this phone if I knew it was Facebook controlled.

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Re: Samsung Focus and Facebook

If you don't want all your FB friends in your contacts select Menu->Settings->People and select "only add facebook info to existing contacts".  Then you can use the Link option which I found really nice to link contacts to email account contacts to facebook.. so all their info is in one place.  Very nice feature.


As for accidentally uploading to facebook, how did you do that?  In the picture viewer you have to select menu (or long press) then "Share..." then select your facebook account, then type in your caption and press upload.  


Finally if you did ANY research on a Windows 7 Phone you know that Facebook is one of it's biggest "features" in the OS.  And, you don't have to use your Facebook account with it.  

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Re: Samsung Focus and Facebook

How did I upload the pic to FB?The upload to FB was right under the "delete" in pictures.The touch is very sensitive.Sometimes I don't even have to tap a key and it will react.It has changed now which makes it easier for me to delete pics.The upload to FB is in"Share" now.

Now as for my choosing the Samsung Focus.What attracted me to the Windows 7 Samsung Focus.And the brightness ,the size of the text and the interface.I went to CNET and read the reviews  on it.No one said anything about the FB features taking over the phone once you signed in.All new phones are coming out with social networking features.You don't know a pone until you actually have it and use it yourself.I bought mine when I renewed my contract with At&T.I didn't have an option to sign out of FB or Windows Live.I did find the feature to get the FB contacts out of my phone list.And it wasn't in the At&T tutorials.I found it in the Windows & tuts.At&T told me to reset the master registry.I knew that would have deleted my phone contacts too.What I did is deleted the FB app off my phone.Reinstall it,and I made up a new ID with just my immediate family and now worked fine.I like FB because I can add my local news,or any other favorites web sites and just go through my page and click what interests me.Unlike a bookmark I can see a preview what's new.So I did want it.I just want to be able to have control of my phone like I do my computer.I am being patient because I know they are doing updates.Me and this phone are having it out.The AT& T tutorials don't always help,but I have been Goggling myself.I find the Samsung site is the best place to go.

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Re: Samsung Focus and Facebook

And by the way.I know what OS is you know, what OS is.But how many people do you think know what OS is?When I went to the store to get this phone,there were people there who didn't know what GPS or even WiFi was.If you know ANYTHING, not everyone is up to date an tech gadgets.And not everyone does research on a phone before they buy it.You don't know until it's yours and you use it.That's just the way it is.I posted here so maybe Samsung will see it.I'm sure they want to sell their products and need input how to make it more user friendly.So stop trying to make people look stupid and just help with solutions.

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Re: Samsung Focus and Facebook

I just never signed into my FB account and added my own contacts. A little time consuming, but I don't have to worry about the situations you've encountered.


I have FB as one of my saved web pages on the phone, so I can go there and see what's up without having all the FB friends merged over to my contacts. I'm not a big FB fan either, so this works for me.



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Re: Samsung Focus and Facebook

So the menu just "changed" overnight?  I think there was one OS update in November but my Focus came with the most recent.  And when you did do a one click upload to facebook it didn't ask for a caption for the picture?  That's yet another step your phone must not have.


Samsung won't read here, it's their hardware, but Microsoft OS.. so samsung really doesn't have any control except adding bloatware and limiting certain features the OS may offer (as well as AT&T or your current provider).


I'm not trying to make you look stupid, I'm trying to understand how your focus is different than everyone elses and how it changed a menu option overnight... and I did offer help on getting your FB friends out of contacts.

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