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Samsung Focus - Soft Reset Erases Data?!? UPDATE


Samsung Focus - Soft Reset Erases Data?!? UPDATE

Hello!  I just attempted a soft reset, and all my data including email accounts, apps, etc. were all erased!  To be clear, this was just holding down the power button, NOTHING MORE.  Smiley Sad


I have an 8GB MicroSD card installed, but after the soft reset when I check available storage it says Total Storage is 15.73 MB (YES MEGABYTES) and Availalbe is 7.33MB.


Anyone else try and perfrom a soft reset on their Focus?


UPDATE! I just spoke with the AT&T Store and they said they just received a note from Microsoft about MicroSD Cards.  Apparently WP7 OS is having an issue recognizing certain brands and will only officially support Microsoft's own SD cards.  I uninstalled my card, and now the soft reset issue is gone!

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Re: Samsung Focus - Soft Reset Erases Data?!? UPDATE

I think it is important to follow the process. Go in the wrong order can get the card not working properly. For the detail instruction on resetting the device try here. There are actually 3 ways to do it:

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