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Samsung Focus S music sound quality??

Samsung Focus S music sound quality??

Has anyone noticed how bad the sound quality coming out from the headphone jack and Bluetooth is on this phone compared to an iPhone/iPod or even a my Galaxy S2??? It sounds so flat and is not very loud. I mean the difference from my iPhone and Focus S sound quality wise is like night and day!!

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Re: Samsung Focus S music sound quality??

Maybe you should exchange yours, as the sound quality on mine is equal to my iPod Tough, the regular Samsung Focus and any other MP3 player I own.

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Re: Samsung Focus S music sound quality??

Are you serious man?? Smiley Sad

I'm am going today and see if they can give me another one, because this sound quality is unacceptable. My old Sony walkman sounded better and louder.

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Re: Samsung Focus S music sound quality??

The music quality from the speaker on my Captivate is loud and easily legible. It's the loudest and best-sounding phone I have owned, so I don't see why the Focus S, a whole new year newer, would be any worse.

Exchanging the phone is a good idea. Maybe the next one will have better quality.

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