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Samsung Focus S - custom text alerts?


Samsung Focus S - custom text alerts?

New AT&T customer here, just made the switch from another carrier for christmas.


First off, the Focus S is great; it was a huge upgrade from my old phone. Just a few complaints though...


No custom text message tone support? Why? What seems like the most simple feature is missing. VERY disappointed. A couple of hours of searching to internet tells me the only way to do this is through some registry editing, which I'm sure would void any kind of future support for my product. Not to mention, going through all that just to change my text tone... is really not cool.


Also, the option to restrict facebook/email/etc. contacts from showing up in my phone contact list. If I want to talk to them any othe way besides call or text, I will go to the specific web page/service to do so!


As I said, this is a great phone. But the fact that these 2 simple features are missing... is damaging my view on both AT&T and Samsung. If only there was some way for my frustration to reach the developers. Now I guess the next test; to see if there is actually any customer support on your forums.

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Re: Samsung Focus S - custom text alerts?

To filter contact list, go to "Settings">"System">"Applications">"People">"filter my contact list"

For Text or IM custom tone go to "Settings""ringtones and sounds">"New text or IM"

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