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Samsung Focus S Battery Life


Samsung Focus S Battery Life

I wasn't expecting much battery life from this phone, but it's horrible. It goes from 100% to 0% in 7 or 8 hours of standby mode while I sleep. It loses about 15% and hour with little to moderate use. It takes 3 hours to charge completely from 0%.


It's a fantastic phone, but I'd like to get 10 hours out of it, not 5-6. Does anyone else get better performace?

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Re: Samsung Focus S Battery Life

Battery needs to be "broken in". You will need to go through several cycles of discharge and full recharge before you experience rated life.
I get full day with about 20 % by the time I get home from work. Takes hour or so to recharge.
If it does not improve in next several days - especially with discharge while in standby, then you should contact AT&T or Samsung.

Make sure that background apps are not running - "settings">"applications">background tasks".

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Re: Samsung Focus S Battery Life

You say you get a "full day". What does that mean in hours? When you are at 20%, how many hours since last charge is shown?


I'm getting from 5-10 hours depending on use, but this is worse than the iPhone 3 GS that I replaced it with, and its battery had gone down to half of what it used to be.


Something seems to be wrong.

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Re: Samsung Focus S Battery Life

12 - 6am to 6pm

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Re: Samsung Focus S Battery Life

my phone has been running for 16 hours so far and has 20% life left. I made some calls during the day, browsed the internet and listened to music. You guys need to alter your settings for the phone because they do drain your battery.

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Re: Samsung Focus S Battery Life

I was having the same problem as you when I first bought my phone, but after a couple of charges it surprised me at how long it lasts now. I've had the Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4 and my Focus S blows them out of the water. The iPhone was ok but the Galaxy S2 get's its battery eaten by Android too much. I don't have to carry a car charger anymore with my Focus S.

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Re: Samsung Focus S Battery Life

I've recharged mine from near zero to full every day for over a week and a half, still doesn't perform like my iPhone 3G S did with a bad battery.  I really like my phone otherwise, other than the lack of apps.  It really has put me on the fence on returning it, but I really don't think I could go back to iOS after getting used to live tiles.

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Re: Samsung Focus S Battery Life

Just go exchange it, my battery lasts forever.

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Re: Samsung Focus S Battery Life

I replaced my battery, that didn't fix it. I did find the issue, though.  I have an AT&T Microcell.  If I leave the data connection on while the device is connected to the Microcell, the battery just drains that whole time, even though I'm not using the phone & I have WiFI turned on.  


Once I disabled the data connection, battery life has been great!  I discovered this from the following thread:

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