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Samsung Focus Rapid Battery Drain


Samsung Focus Rapid Battery Drain

I recently upgraded to the Focus, and the battery on that phone died a few hours after I recieved it. I attempted to charge it and it wouldn't. I went back and got a replacement Focus, and now the battery is draining very quickly. It's dying while it's charging, actually. Is this the case with every Focus, or should I get one more? I really like the phone, it really suits my needs, but If the battery can't hold on for more than four hours without completely giving out, I'll have to get a different model.

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Re: Samsung Focus Rapid Battery Drain

What are you charging it with? The original wall charger or else? No, the Focus battery lasts just as long as any other Smartphone out there. I have two and never have your problem. So, there must be something you did that is unique.

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Re: Samsung Focus Rapid Battery Drain

If you turn off wifi, data plan access, and bluetooth, it cuts down on battery drain a lot. Go into settings to do this.

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Re: Samsung Focus Rapid Battery Drain

Something isn't right.. My Focus lasts on average 2 days before needing to be recharged and I keep wifi and bluetooth on at all times.. Has to be a bad phone or something running nonstop in the background...
Either way the Focus is a GREAT phone, I'll take it over my wife's iPhone 4 any day (actually I did lol)... I'm already waiting for the next generation Focus or the Galaxy S w/WP7 to come out.. I want a even bigger AMOLED display Smiley Happy
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