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Samsung Focus + NoDo = No Zune Sync


Samsung Focus + NoDo = No Zune Sync

Just want to make some aware that the NoDo update can screw up your syncing with a Focus.

I experienced this after updating to NoDo. My zune software will no longer sync more than 4 or 5 songs, or one 60 meg video, without pitching a communications error.

My first response was to hard reset the phone. This fixed nothing. Then, I rolled back the update. The phone synced perfectly again.

Upon contacting winphonesupport over twitter, they suggested I try reapplying the update to see if it would work, and reinstalling the zune software.

BEWARE. I reinstalled the update, but the Zune software then, for some reason, decided my phone was a "guest" and prompted me to make it the primary device. I clicked OK, and now, I have no rollback backup. I don't know why Zune deleted it, but I did confirm (via undeletion programs) that the Zune software deleted my entire backup, so there's no rollback for me now. (It wasn't recoverable either...)

That's a big problem, because the reinstall of the update brought the sync error back. A reinstall of the Zune software (following an uninstall and restart) has not remedied the situation.

Thread about this here:

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