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Samsung Focus Download Photos


Samsung Focus Download Photos

Have a new Samsub Focus.  Downloaded photos from email, not can't find them.  They aren't in the pictures file.  Where would they go?  I can bring them up from my email and see them, but can't 'file' them on the device, or set them as wallpaper.  Suggestions?

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Re: Samsung Focus Download Photos

Did you try your account? 

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Re: Samsung Focus Download Photos

When you open the photo up in your email, it will offer you an option to save the photo on the camera. When you go to photographs, that folder is called camera I believe. To download the photos you need to either use Zune or go to your or skydrive account.

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Re: Samsung Focus Download Photos

When you download the pic in your email, it only downloads it to your email client. Once you open the pic,you can press and hold on it and you will have the option to save it to phone. Once saved,you will find it in the saved pics section in pictures hub
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