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Samsung Focus: Did my micro sd card integrate?

Samsung Focus: Did my micro sd card integrate?

So I took over my girlfriend's Samsung Focus as she picked up a Titan during this recent sale. As I'd been using a Motorola Backflip, this feels like quite an upgrade. Anyway, I put the 2 gig micro sd card I had been using in the phone and have been using it since yesterday. Now I've been doing research and see that it's recommended to use a "supported" sd card. I'd love to get a 32 gig card. Problem is I've read that removing an sd card from the Focus once it's being used wipes the phone.


Now I never got any sort of prompt to format the card or anything upon putting it in the Focus, so my question is.. is it being used by the phone? Or can i safely remove it? Is there a way I can check to see if the card is being used or not?

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Re: Samsung Focus: Did my micro sd card integrate?

Thanks, I'll just switch to Verizon instead

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Re: Samsung Focus: Did my micro sd card integrate?

The only way to use a SD card is to format the phone with the card in. Once formated, the card can not be taken out without the phone being hardreset again. If you take the card out, it won't work anywhere and can't be formatted by anything other than a Nokia phone running Symbian OS.


There is no need for any certified card.



This is a user forum, not AT&T customer support forum. Your questions are answered by other fellow cutomers. No one is obligated to answer your question. If you have urgent matter, you should call AT&T customer service.

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