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Samsung Focus - Bluetooth/Hands Free Issues


Samsung Focus - Bluetooth/Hands Free Issues

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Re: Samsung Focus - Bluetooth/Hands Free Issues

Interesting... was wondering why I wasn't getting any responses to my post... came back and it was blank!


Is this how they handle issues on this site?


Quick Recap:   Bluetooth AND hands free kit that CAME with the Focus having the same issues, constantly changing volume, people say I sound like I'm in a wind tunnel when driving.  Sound gets REALLY quite on my end sometimes to a point where I can't here the other caller at all.   tried a few ear peices with the same issue.   Updated the phone with NoDo... the phone is better, but blue tooth still the same.


NOTE:  I love this phone.   There is nothing else to complain about, but I use the handsfree a lot... would REALLY be nice to be able to use this functionality again.   Any news on a patch?

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Re: Samsung Focus - Bluetooth/Hands Free Issues

The blank text is typically caused by IE9. You need to use compatibility view to post.


The BT issue is well documented. Did you get the NoDo update yet? Hopefully, that update (and the new Samsung firmware came with it) will resolve your issue.

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Re: Samsung Focus - Bluetooth/Hands Free Issues

NoDo seems to have solved BT issues. At least for me
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