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Samsung Focus - Battery Issue


Samsung Focus - Battery Issue

My phone has been randomly turning off lately. It will show i have about 3/4 battery left, but then will suddenly shut off and show not enough battery to even power the phone back on. When i plug the phone into a charger and turn it on, it shows my battery as being back to 3/4 charged again.


There doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern with the phone shutting down. I have noticed however that the battery has a slight "bulge" on both sides of it, but i'm not sure if the battery design is this way or not? Anyone else experience this issue, or know if my battery is damaged?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Samsung Focus - Battery Issue

I am having the exact same problem!


I'll have about 3/4 battery left then my phone shuts off and when I go to turn it back on it shows a dead battery bar. It usually lasts 10 minutes after a full nights charge before this happens. If I wait a few minutes I can get the phone to turn back on. It will show the battery as "critically low" or the same 3/4 power, but shuts off again randomly.


I also have a "buldge" or slight bend in my battery.


I ordered a new battery and it should be here tomorrow. I'll let you know if it helps.

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Re: Samsung Focus - Battery Issue

I did the same. I've had the phone since it first came out in October 2010. I'm assuming the battery is past its life expectancy so i have a new one on the way as well. Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you, otherwise i'll update once i receive my new battery.

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Re: Samsung Focus - Battery Issue

I'm having this EXACT same issue for less than a week now.

I first noticed the problem with the battery itself when I couldn't get the backing of my phone to fit on completely. At first I figured that the backing of my phone was missing the peices to connect it on. I then examined my backing and everything was fine. I then pulled the battery out and noticed the battery is no long flat like it;s suppose to be, The battery has buldges on both sides of it. The battery had litterally EXPANDED.

I hadn't noticed the effects it was having on my phone until my phone started "dying" on me. The phone will continuely shut off randomly even though I have 3/4 to half battery life. I try to reboot and it says the battery is dead. The only way I can get it to reboot is if I connect it to the charger and take it right back off after booting up.
I am going to purchase a new battery and see if this fixes the problem. I will post back if it does to  help anyone else who has this problem (:

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Re: Samsung Focus - Battery Issue

My samsung focus does not have this problem(I no longer use my focus since I bought a Lumia 900 but I still keep it charged), however my mom's focus began showing inconsistent battery life today though I have not checked to see if the battery itself has expanded or anything.

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