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Samsung Focus Alarm/Charging Problem


Samsung Focus Alarm/Charging Problem

I Just got my Samsung Focus yesterday but I have already experienced problems with the alarm.


1) When I had alarms one after another, say 1 at 7am and 1 at 7:05am, and letting them go on without turning them off. It froze my phone - hard reset was then required


2) When the alarm went off, pressing the volume buttons on the side also froze the phone - need to hard reset


3) As other reported, though not really a problem but a feature, the sound of the alarm is weak, and it stutters


Does anyone has the same problem? I had to hard reset my phone at least 3 times this morning, and it's less than a day since I turned the phone on. It seems it's more like a bug in WP7 instead of hardware.


Also, I had the charging problem like many reported here. After charging it for the 10 hrs, it said the battery dangerously low after unplugging the charger. After soft reset it for couple times without success, I had to remove the battery for couple minutes before turning it back on, then the phone show full battery. Haven't recharged since, but from what said in the thread, this may be recurring problem.


Overall, I enjoy the phone a lot, WP7 seems to be living up the hype. However, the alarm problem seems to be a bit out of control. I am not entirely sure if I got a bad unit or the WP7 software problem.




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Re: Samsung Focus Alarm/Charging Problem

Have not experienced any of the issues you mentioned.

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