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Samsung Flight owners: I need your help


Samsung Flight owners: I need your help

I have a Samsung flight.  Today the display went dark.  So, I bought a new phone. I need to copy my contacts on the Samsung flight to the SIM Card.  The problem is, the display no longer works so following the step by step instructions I found won't work because I can visually see the display. What I need is for someone to actually tell me the key strokes to use so I can use the keypad.  For example, the step by step procedure might say to select "Copy to Sim Card".  But, what I need to know does that represent a specifc key like a 3 or 4 for me to press on the key pad. 


Like I said, I'm flying blind. I just need to know the steps to copy contacts to the SIM card so I can put the SIM card in my new phone and load them. I already put the SIM card in my new phone hoping that my contacts were already saved to the SIM such luck.


Anyway, thanks in advance for any help.



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Re: Samsung Flight owners: I need your help

If you have a micro USB cable you could hook up your old phone to your pc and use a piece of software called "Samsung New PC Studio" and save your contacts to a specified folder.  Then you could hook up your new phone up to your PC and transfer the contacts to your new phone, and after that, transfer them to the SIM.  The only requirement to using New PC Studio is that your phone has to be in "idle" mode (I'm assuming it's the main screen since that's how it works when I use it) in order to use it.

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