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Samsung Flight II


Samsung Flight II

I just upgraded my phone and my son's phone to the Samsung Flight II.  We've had Unlimited Text with our previous devices.  I cannot afford the data plan and I don't want to unknowingly incur any data charges on my account, neither from me nor from my son.  What can I do to prevent 'accidentally' downloading or uploading data or subscribing to fee-based services on these phones?  Or will this phone by its default settings prevent me from doing these things?

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Re: Samsung Flight II

You could do one of two things...

Number one: play around in the phone's settings, particularly under "Data" or ""Connectivity". Perhaps there's a setting to enable data to not be activated.

Number two: you could call Customer Service and request for a data block to be put on the phone(s), so that way you don't incur and accidental data charges. However, with a data block, that would also not allow messages such as MMS to go through/work on your Flight II's. If that's an inconvenience for you, (it would be for me) then try to look around in the phone's settings to turn data connectivity off.

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Re: Samsung Flight II

If you log into "My Account" (at the top right of this webpage), you should be able to sign in and then turn on parental controls on the phone. There is a little sheet about how to turn on parental control and what it does that came in the box with the phone. The way they tell you to do it will force you to use data on the phon, but you should be able to turn on parental controls via this website instead. I am not sure if it will block the use of internet (I have had the phone for about 3 hours now), but it will prevent you from buying things such as games.

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