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Samsung Eternity II sync with MS Outlook?


Samsung Eternity II sync with MS Outlook?

I bought the Eternity II on the day it came out and have enjoyed it thus far.  One of the salespeople recommended this when I described the features I was looking for, including the need to sync with Outlook calendar info.  I cannot seem to figure out the calendar info and the store salesperson I visited with this morning could not figure it out.  Any help out there with those who are able to sync with MS Outlook?  Help?!  I really need this Outlook sync.

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Re: Samsung Eternity II sync with MS Outlook?

Go to


click  Software


Download both files and install them on your computer.


Plug in your phone via usb cable.

Select pc studio.

Select  sync to MS Outlook

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Re: Samsung Eternity II sync with MS Outlook?

I have spent countless hours researching all the advice on getting the Eternity to sync the Outlook calendar in NEW PC Studio. I have downloaded all the updated studios and tried everything. I keep getting the sync to begin and then stop before actually lodaing data in my phone. I'm on Vista, Outlook 2003, PC Studio ver. 1.5.1. The only way I can think to get around this is to impost the Outlook calendar in to Scheduler and then sync with my phone. Not really syncing is it? The problem is that is the Outlook data is .pst not in scheduler format PC studio recognizes. And I can save the outlook data in another format. Anyone have any luck or similar problems. I know it works fne for some people so a simple referal to a download is not helpful.

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