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Samsung Customer Support


Samsung Customer Support

I just bought my Captivate last week, and so far it has been a good phone and I have been really happy with the features. I do want to ask some of you guys what your feelings are about a few things. First off, I have had some pretty good smart phones, the Blackberry, Iphone and this one, and I was very surprised that the Captivate would not sync with my outlook, which was a huge huge let down, and when I called customer support they said it was not able to do that yet, but they are working on a new update. 


I tried to go to Samsung to register my phone, and their website totally sucks for registering anything. This hasn't changed since last year when I bought a TV I registered. You cannot register your device if it is a phone for some unknown reason, I contacted Tech Support, and they were horrible, "MY GOD" they have the worst Tech Support in the world! 


I just wanted to know if anyone else has had these issues, and I would like to know if there is a app the will sync my outlook??? 



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Re: Samsung Customer Support

Open up the back of the phone and write down the IMEI number, use that for the "serial number" rather than the "serial number" on the phone. See if that works.

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Re: Samsung Customer Support

That will indeed work. The Number The webpage wants for the serial number is indeed the IMEI. It's what I used to register my phone.

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