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Samsung Captivate will not receive texts


Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

I have had the phone for a couple weeks now. I was texting an AT&T number this morning before I went to work. I stopped receiving texts and kept texting the number. I called my friend on the way home and found out they were receiving my texts and responding. It has been almost 12 hours since the last received text message. I have checked it by having other friends texting me with no progress. I do not want to have to restore the phone. Has anyone else been having this issue? Is there some sort of simple fix that doesn't require a restore? I use handcent SMS and also attempted to go back to the stock messaging app for anyone who wonders.

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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

I had this problem last week and had to do a master reset to fix it.  Smiley Sad

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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

Again, similar problem with no solution yet found.


In PA. This problem happens occasionally to frequently. I have gone through the troubleshooting song and dance with a customer service representative and discovered the following is true, with the rep unable to satisfactorily solve the core problem"

1.  Outgoing text messages worked fine to all carriers.

2.  Incoming MMS worked fine from all carriers.

3.  Incoming SMS failed from inside and outside of the network.

4.  Message center number is set correctly.

5.  Pulled the batterypulled the simremoved 3rd party texting appsetc...all resulted in no improvement.

6.  Tried "hard restart" mentioned earlier in thread to no effect.

7.  The entire phone has been replaced (solving the problem of the phone losing power randomly).

8.  Separately, the SIM card has been replaced.


All of the above has resulted in no improvement. I have an unlocked GSM Motorola phone. If I move the SIM to that phone and turn it on, it will receive all messages that have been pending. Then I can transfer the SIM (with messages) back to the Captivate and it will resume normal functioning for a period of time. However, without warning and apparently without reason it will again stop receiving SMS later.


So nothing but the service itself is original, yet the problem persists. This is unacceptable. If this problem had manifested early enough after purchase, I would have returned it. But since it waited 2 months to show up the first time (It happened almost immediately upon receiving the replacement) I am now stuck with it, and the warranty is worthless since AT&T and Samsung seem to have no clue what the problem really is.


The only clue I have is, occasionally after swapping the SIM into the "dumb" phone and letting it receive the texts, I will have one message (the first one) from the number (as my phone displays it) 1111-301-000. Sometimes it's there, and sometimes it is not.

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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

This problem seems to happen when I receive a very long SMS from an iPhone, or an MMS that includes text as well as a photo also from an iPhone. When I do my SIM swap thing to get it all working again, the first message is either a long SMS chain that is missing the first segment or a blank text from 111-130-1000 which I have learned is the number displayed when a phone not capable of receiving MMS (the Motorola I put the SIM in is not) is sent one. The two people with whom I text most frequently are iPhone users (4 and 3gs) and if memory serves, it is always a message from one of them that is first to come through (if not the 111-130-1000 number) when I swap the SIM.

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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

I'm having the same problem as this.  I'm thinking an update of some app.. ATK or JuiceDefender....  uninstalled both... rebooted and still can't get texts... but can send.  iPhone in same area works fine.

We performed some testing and the following was true for us.

1.  Outgoing text messages worked fine.

2.  Incoming MMS worked fine.

3.  Incoming SMS failed from inside and outside of the network.

4.  Message center number is set correctly.

5.  Pulled the battery, pulled the sim, removed 3rd party texting apps, etc...all resulted in no improvement.

6.  Message center number is set correctly

7.  An iPhone at the same location is working fine...seems to be limited to the Captivate.

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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

Removing the battery with the phone on worked for me. Thanks
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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts


I've had this problem three separate times (all after airplane travel, for what's that's worth).


The first time, taking battery in and out fixed it.


The second time, new SIM card fixed it.


The third time, I needed a new SIM card AND I had to put the new SIM card into an old iPhone 3 (SIM card perfectly swappable) that we happened to have lying around.  By putting the SIM card into another device, all the stuck text messages I hadn't been getting came through into the old iPhone 3.  Then I put the SIM card back into my wonderful Captivate, and voila, text messaging worked again. 


So, we have no Flash or Media Hub as promised, it's laggy, and I stop receiving text messages after travel.  Yet, I still like my Captivate.  I guess it's the big beautiful screen, and Swype.


Good luck all. 



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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

I had this exact issue. My details:


-- My phone was refurbished.

-- It worked fine in all aspects (text send/receive) for 2 weeks then stopped receiving

-- I had installed no third party apps (no task killer)

-- All settings including my message center # were correct

-- I had tried the power cycle, battery out, SIM fix


THE ANSWER for me: My "Routing Number" was incorrect in ATT's system. As soon as the tech fixed that, all of the missing text messages came flooding in. Solved. Happy.

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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

Same problem. Tried the soft restart, then the hard restart. Called AT&T tech support. Went through all the trouble shooting steps. They weren't able to solve the problem. Went to the store. They gave me the number for the warranty department. Called Samsung's tech support. They told me to do a master reset. Thankfully I checked the forums first. Swapped my SIM card into my old iPhone. Some messages rolled in. Then put the SIM back into my Captivate and a few more messages rolled in. The last message that came in before it stopped recieving was a shared contact from an HTC Aria(another Android phone on AT&T). As a sidenote, I have yet to recieve a shared contact that I could read. I had the Advanced Task Killer App installed but uninstalled it, with no luck, after reading that it was interefering with some peoples messaging app.

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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

I hope this helps all.  I had the problem too and this might have happened not on our end, but the other end. 


i have a friend that has the Droid Pro for Verizon, and I wasnt recieving his texts either, but he was getting mine.  What happened was that he had synced his phone up with Facebook and brought in the contact info from there, and he had two contact info for me, one he entered manually and the other from the FB Sync, so he was  replying to somewhere in limbo. 



Might want to ask your friend, if they have a smartphone to double check the contact info, and make sure they were sending to the right number.


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Re: Samsung Captivate will not receive texts

Same issue with Captivate (daughter's).  Tried removing battery / sim card.. no joy. ATT Store provided a new SIM card, still no joy.  Ran through tutorial, number correct, messaging settings match.  Noticed the post about putting SIM card in another phone.  Used my Samsung JACK, and the unreceived messages flooded in. Replaced in the Captivate and now receiving texts.  NOTE for DEBUGGERS -- assuming anyone from AT&T monitors this...

There may have been a multiple picture text in the flood of text msgs to the JACK... I looked at a few and then deleted.

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