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Samsung Captivate, trading B$.

Samsung Captivate, trading B$.

Ok. I've had four samsung captivates, each worse than the last. I called AT&T for it, they said I could get a new phone. The only ones available were the backflip or another captivate. He said they didn't have even an Aria. I wanted the Bravo, he said none were out there. I said the only reason you guys have those two phones is because they are junk and no one wants them. He said I was wrong, it was because they were popular. LIE. Nobody wants them because they are horrible. I said I'd go for an Iphone. He said it wasn't the same feature set! The Iphone was too much more! I SPENT MORE FOR MY CAPTIVATE THAN I WOULD HAVE FOR AN IPHONE. He doesn't care. He said they aren't even close. I said I want my money back. He said too bad. I was FORCED to take another WORTHLESS Captivate. I am about one more worthless phone from dropping AT&T, paying off my contract, and switching to Sprint or Verizon. I have been a loyal ATT customer for years. I want a decent phone that works. Ive had enough of this stupid runaround. I paid 200 bucks for a phone that was supposed to be a fast, powerful, working smartphone. What I got was a slow, unreliable, overheating piece of junk. I hate apple, but I would go with an iphone now. I want the bravo, but i would settle for an iphone. I just want a good smarphone. Not another captivate, and NOT a backflip. If you have any ideas, comment. If you are an ATT employee, I want to get a DIFFERENT phone. Not a backflip, not a blackberry, not another captivate. I want either an IPHONE or a MOTOROLA BRAVO. I paid a lot of money, and I want what I paid for.

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Re: Samsung Captivate, trading B$.

Here's my suggestion:


I you have a Captivate that works, at least for the most part, you can wipe the phone back to factory defaults and list it on eBay as a 'refurbed' phone, cuz that's what AT&T sent you. You should be able to get more for that phone on eBay than the Aria/Bravo is selling for on eBay. You could then bid/buy almost any other Android phone AT&T currently offers for the price you get for the Captivate. This won't keep your warranty on your AT&T bought phone, but what has the warranty done for you thus far?

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Re: Samsung Captivate, trading B$.

An alternate approach if you don't care for the one das8nt has suggested would be to contact Samsung directly re: their warranty coverage for your Captivate if there is another Samsung smartphone you would be interested in.  Unfortunately since the carrier doesn't really have a vested interest in making sure you are happy with the phone you've gotten (as opposed to that of any other manufacturer), you may have more success in dealing directly with the manufacturer so long as you aren't already completely put off of their line of devices. 

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