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Samsung Captivate running 2.2 Hotmail not working....

Samsung Captivate running 2.2 Hotmail not working....

My wife's Samsung Captivate has the 2,2 upgrade of Android. She has had no prior trouble, but for the last week or so it will not synch with her Hotmail account at our normal location. This last weekend she travelled to Tacoma, WA and all of the sudden her email started downloading. But upon her return, it once again stopped.


I have not heard of anyone else having the trouble and my iPhone works great with the Windows Live email.


ANy ideas that we can try. SHe is still in the first year warranty period. I think I will have her take it to the AT&T store and have them figure it out.


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Re: Samsung Captivate running 2.2 Hotmail not working....

Verify she is using these settings for pop3 email.

email address:
Password: xxxxx
Pop server:
Security type: SSL
Server port: 995
Login required checked on
Password: xxxxx
SMTP Server:
Security type: TLS
Server port: 587

Or she can set it up as an exchange account.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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