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Samsung Captivate -- incredibly annoying to have a phone conversation!


Samsung Captivate -- incredibly annoying to have a phone conversation!

Hopefully one of my fellow ATT customers can be of help to me since customer service and the warranty dept won't do anything for me.


When I have a conversation on my phone if I am doing anything other than sitting and holding the phone away from my face it mutes, holds, invites other in, and flat out hangs up on people. At one point it actually called a completely random person 4 times in a row. But this was before I upgraded the operating system. That hasn't happened since. I am a busy mom, wife and employee I don't have time to just sit at the table (or anywhere for that matter) to have a conversation. It would be nice to be able to hold my phone between my ear and shoulder when need be.


I hope this problem makes sense and I hope someone can help me. It appears people wish their phone did this!! I can't stand the problem!  I've called ATT multiple times as well as visited the local store (they won't help b/c I didn't buy it from THEM). So please someone, anyone help me!


My email is {personal information removed} if you want to directly email me!

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Re: Samsung Captivate -- incredibly annoying to have a phone conversation!

If you still plan on returning to this Forum, I may have some good advice to offer. Whenever I place or receive a call, I always press the lock button before holding the phone up to my ear. That way, I don't accidentally press any of the other call features, and possibly even hanging up on the person I am talking to. I have found that this works pretty well. Touchscreen phones are difficult to talk on - you never know what you might accidentally press while on a phone call. It's even worse if your phone has a sensitive touch screen.


I hope this helps.


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Re: Samsung Captivate -- incredibly annoying to have a phone conversation!

The Captivate has a proximity sensor that turns the screen off when it's pressed against your ear.


I imagine if you're talking with it pressed against your shoulder, you may be shifting it such that the proximity sensor activates the screen (because it's not close to your ear and can see daylight, so to speak) and then when you shift, your ear then presses a button.


Since talking with your phone pressed to your should is really bad ergonomically for your body, you really should invest in a bluetooth earpiece.


If you want to play music through the BT earpiece, make sure you get an A2DP Bluetooth headset. Mono headsets (which are typically cheaper) can NOT play music through the earpiece, while A2DP earpieces can.

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