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Samsung Captivate (i897) issues


Samsung Captivate (i897) issues

I have a couple issues:


1.  Anyone having receiving audio issues with their Captivate?  I am getting an unusual vibration effect on the voices of folks I am speaking with.


2.  I am also unable to open Office 2007 documents and voicemails (in wav format) on the device.  Any ideas?  Do I need to install an app?

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Re: Samsung Captivate (i897) issues

I'm not sure about your sound issues or opening wav files, but there are two apps you can get for Office documents. There's a free version of Documents To Go in the market that will read Word and Excel files, and Quickoffice will open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Search for Quickoffice for Captivate in the market.

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Re: Samsung Captivate (i897) issues

More specifically, the wav files are voicemails delivered to my Exchange account.

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