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Samsung Captivate cracked from the inside???


Samsung Captivate cracked from the inside???

So i just got my Refurbished Samsung Captivate after my other one just stopped working. So after having this for a month, the phone randomly just cracks from the INSIDE. like the LCD screen im assuming? and now i cant see anything on my phone and its just bad. I dont understand what happened because i havent dropped it YET and i never put it in my pocket. I called warranty but they said its probably not covered under it, but i mean if i didnt do anything, why should i take no for an answer? If theres anyone that can shed some light please do. How much would it cost to get the screen replacement BY Att? IF i go to an ATT repair center, will they do something? Please and thank you.

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Re: Samsung Captivate cracked from the inside???

Fight it. If AT&T can not prove it is due to abuse, they have to cover it under warranty.
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Re: Samsung Captivate cracked from the inside???

Also you need to go on record with your state's department of consumer protection agency and file a complaint and copy to at&t and threaten them with breech of contract.

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