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Samsung Captivate bubble texting


Samsung Captivate bubble texting

Does anyone know if the captivate allows you to change the texting settings to allow conversation texting. Example would be ME "Hi Hon how are you?" Husband "Fine, how is work?" and so forth.....right now the texts are grouped together all his together and all mine together instead of reading like a conversation ....mine, then his, then mine, then his and so forth. Its a pain to have to scroll back up to the top to see what he last wrote when it should show right after my last text to him....Like a dialog it should show like a dialog.


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Re: Samsung Captivate bubble texting

The stock way of viewing text messages without changing any settings IS the conversation view... I remember when I first got my Captivate that I noticed that the messages were threaded into a conversation; I wasn't used to that way and wanted to change it to normal. Turns out, threaded view/conversation cannot be changed.

I wonder how your messages got mixed up like that... Do you remember changing any settings or anything? When you first got the phone, was it always the same view as it is now?

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Re: Samsung Captivate bubble texting

You might also try a different messaging application.  I used the stock app, but needed to turn off the smilleys because I receive technical data and needed to see the actual text and not have it replaced with some cutsy picture geared to teenaged girls.  That is not possible with the stock app.  Now I use Handcent and really like it.  It is very customizable and just as easy to use.  I even rigged it up so that it is now my default messaging app and the stock app is completely gone (this is only possible on the newest version of Handcent).

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Re: Samsung Captivate bubble texting

I don't remember switching anything when I got the phone....what is strange is that I got 4 phones and my daughters phones are fine when in comes to the conversation texting. Its mine and my husbands that are the ones that thread all of what I say and all of what my callers says together. Phones this advanced just can't be made this way, its old school tech. I even when through my daughters phones to make sure her setting where exactly like mine. Even ATT can't help. Really makes me mad, mad enough to go back to sprint. This should be an easy fix, but unfortunately I can not find it. Somebody out there has got to know what I am talking about.

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