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Samsung Captivate and messed up internet usage


Samsung Captivate and messed up internet usage

Ok, I need suggestions or thoughts.  My Samsung is mostly, 99.9% on Wifi yet since 5/14 AT&T has been posting a lot of usage on my phone for the internet and telling me I'm going over my limit.  I've had the phone for about 7months and my internet usage not on Wifi has been like 6 or 7MB a month ( I only have 200MB).  Now daily when I check my account it is skyrocketing.  I've called and told them about this and they agree that something is going on but they don't know why.  They said they would waive the extra $15 charge that they will bill me.  That's all well and good but what about next month.  I've spoken to 3 customer service reps and once switched me to Tech Support.  The guy had me reset my phone back to default and said he'd call me back the next day, but he did not.  I thought I would try changing the battery even though they said it was not the battery.  So I found an AT&T device center by me and the guy there said, it's not the battery.  He updated my software and changed my Sim card cause he said it was old but all of this has not helped.  I will be calling again tomorrow.  In the meantime, my internet usage is building up again.  I'm at my wits end, I cannot figure this out and neither it seems can AT&T.  If the battery isn't triggering something then I'm thinking they are mixing up someone else's usage with my phone even though they're telling me that can't happen.  Even with my phone turned off usage is going to my account.  Even if I wasn't on Wifi, the usage amount is crazy.

So does anyone have any thoughts on this. 

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ACE - Guru

Re: Samsung Captivate and messed up internet usage

Install "3g watch dog" and you can see which app is eating up your data.

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