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Samsung Captivate - Not Receiving Emails


Samsung Captivate - Not Receiving Emails

I set my email accounts up on my Captivate but for what ever reason whenever i get emails they are not going thru, my main email is a yahoo account.  When i sign on via my computer i see all the emails that never showed up on my phone but are on my computer.  Any ideas, is there something i need to set on the phone??

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Re: Samsung Captivate - Not Receiving Emails

Yahoo email is only available for POP or SMTP Access to yahoo paying customers.

They have email plans that are very cheap.

If you dont have a pay plan you dont get to see your email as POP or SMTP.

This used to be the case till April last year.


read these articles you may be able to get it to work.

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Re: Samsung Captivate - Not Receiving Emails

How are you accessing your Yahoo account n the computer?


If via a web browser, then there must be a configuration problem with your phone email settings.


If yuo are using an email client to access the Yahoo account on your computer, ensure it is set to leave the mail on the server, in the email client configuration. If this is the case, your computer will be downloading trhe messages from the sevrer and actually removing them - your phone would not see those messages.

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Re: Samsung Captivate - Not Receiving Emails

i didnt have to pay for my emails when i had the blackberry curve, i added my email info and it always retrieved my emails automatically, never had to pay for anything...


i noticed on my email setup with the captivate it says IMAP as opposed to POP3..


i access my yahoo mail on the computer by clicking mail on my homepage which is yahoo...

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