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Samsung Captivate Bricked


Samsung Captivate Bricked


My Samsung Captivate is completely bricked. I woke up this morning and saw my phone saying "Update available" So clicked OK. It went to the next screen saying this will not delete personal data yada yada blah blah all that stuff, and then went to a black screen with "installing update". Well it all looked fine until it said "Update is failed" then "Restarting" and since then, my phone wont turn on or do anything at all. 


I have tried removing the battery and putting it back in; holding down the power button for almost a minute; holding down any buttons in hopes that something will happen.


Someone help please! I hope there is a way to fix this or else I'm gonna have to deal with getting it replaced and re downloading all my apps and stuff like that...

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Re: Samsung Captivate Bricked


masslostson124666 wrote:

Well lets be honest here everyone wants to make ATT out to be the bad guy in this situation, well guess what they aint the bad guy. The truth is this Samsung doesn't get or understands how to program software for north American customers. And you want know why I know this look at the stories about sprint and the Samsung phones having update failures. Go look at bell in Canada guess what there update is bricking the the phone and what ties these events together? Samsung because at the end of the day all Samsung cares about is charging customers way too much for half *#!@ software and services. Now granted no phone or software is perfect but t have this many issues pop in one large major geographical area is appalling. Just goes to show what happens when quality gets thrown away just to make a quick dollar


I disagree, It's the carriers...None of the stock phones have issues. None of the European phones have issues.

AT&T and sloppy Quality control are to blame in this case, I have had a captivate for 6 months and 2 updates. both where done in the store Via a usb cable and work great (knock wood) Granted I don't have all the bells and whistles 2.2 would give me so I wait!. the OTA update is the problem.(provisioning the sim card for AT&T specifically)

Why do you think they hamstring the phones apps loading ability, money? Quality? more fees for what a native build will already do. BS! Quote from consumer reports " what is true for Samsung Galaxy S in Europe - is not always true for Samsung Galaxy S phones in the United States because the carriers add their customization on top of the Android OS. " it's this piggy backing and OTA's these massive customizations that nurf up the phone.

Don't take my word for it check out Android Central for the whole story and copies of the release for the original source code unmodified...Verizon, Sprint & Tmobile all want there special sauce mixed in so they can milk you for features and functions Stock builds already do. $$$


Samsung makes great products I have owned allot of them. I currently have there TV(plasma), BluRay player, 2 Phones and some other computer gear. It just works. The minute these Carriers get there hands on the stuff and start making it "Better" we are attached to another object by an incline plane, wrapped helicly around an axis.

(physics speak for screw)

The whole mini-kies thing is evidentiary to that fact. It was only brewed up by the Sammy guys to help shoe-horn in AT&T's version of the Eclair update, hence the 2.1.1. This is why the FroYo is not out yet. Samsung knows they at AT&T will Goof it up and that's why they have left it up to AT&T to Test and tweak and re-test the tweaked version.

Why do you think the guys over on XDA have it on phones already , because it's an indictment of the AT&T illegitimate child messed up from birth in the AT&T software engineering distortion factory.

Say what you will about companies and greed (i would tend to agree their) but when it comes to Samsung's Quality I can vouch for them. I have been to Korea to one of there memory & VLSI chip FABs and they take allot of pride in getting it right, but they refuse to take a hand in (blame) for a problem they did not create. You can take that to the bank. Lowest consumer reports complaints of all the foreign brands. I welcome your rebuttal. FYI,  I'm a Flag Loving American Electronics Engineer who hated to see good jobs go over seas but this isn't the case here.  "AT&T you STINK"... My opinion!

Where is my FroYo update and a solid build of Kies to go with it!...Smiley Mad

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Re: Samsung Captivate Bricked

Thank you Thank you Thank you Cronojay!  This totally worked!  Love you!

I am still having a few issues with my phone, but at least now I can back everything up so I dont lose it if it does die someday soon.


thank you

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Re: Samsung Captivate Bricked

Why are you asking for Froyo?!?  Thats now 3 versions old.  Ask for ICS!

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