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Samsung Blackjack


Samsung Blackjack

My mother has a Blackjack, but switched to a different phone a year ago. Well she doesn't really like the new phone and wanted to go back to her Blackjack.
When she switched phones, it of course came with a new SIM card so we activated the new one to go with the new phone |LG Incite|. We can't get the SIM card to come out of the LG Incite no matter what we do.

We were wondering if anyone knew whether it is possible for us to get the old SIM card re-activated? Or whether we should just try taking the LG Incite to an AT&T store to see if they can help us get that SIM card out?


Thank you so much for you help. Smiley Happy

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Re: Samsung Blackjack

Take it to the s tore and have them help you take it out.

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