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Samsung A877 (impression) sim card issues


Samsung A877 (impression) sim card issues

I got a new impression cause my old one wasn't working. I took out my sim card which had pictures and music saved to it and put it in the new impression. The little white sim card symbol at the top doesn't show up on the new one, the sim card contacts are there but my pictures and music aren't. im sure the sim card is in the right way I checked about 72 times haha. I don't know what to do. Can someone help. thanks alot

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Re: Samsung A877 (impression) sim card issues

A SIM card doesn't store files like audio or pictures.  It carries your plan provisioning (so the phone can access the carrier's network and is linked to your phone number/account/etc.), and it can store address book contacts.


If you had other files saved to a card, then that was a microSD memory card.


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