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Samsung A177 Refill Problems

Samsung A177 Refill Problems

Hi, I have resetted my phone but I cannot seem to refill my phone. Every time I try to do it, it says netwrok unavailable yet again. My friend gave me this phone along with her sim card. She has not used it for a long time and decided to give the phone to me. Do you know of any solutions to this problem other than buying a new sim card or resetting/restoring the phone? I would not like to buy a new sim card but I will if i have to to. Thank you for reading this and I hope you reply soon.


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Re: Samsung A177 Refill Problems

Is there any existing money in her/your account when you got the phone? It had probably expired anyway if there were any funds. It is likely that the SIM card has expired and you will need to purchase a new one to use the phone. The existing SIM cannot be re-activated or re-used, either.

You can find a prepaid GoPhone SIM at an AT&T store or on eBay for as little as $3.77 unactivated. If you go to an AT&T corporate store, they just may give you the new SIM at no cost to you if you add money to the new account while you are still in the store. Along with the new activation, you will receive a new phone number and you will need to pick a new rate plan.

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