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Samsung A177 Error:Network Unavailable

Samsung A177 Error:Network Unavailable

I recently purchased a Samsung A177 to replace my fiances lost Palm Centro. When I placed her Sim card into the phone and tried to access the WAP browser I get an Error: Network unavailable. I checked all the WAP settings and they all seem correct. I even tried creating a new profile and manually entering Att's WAP setting myself still no go. Although If i placed the perpiad sim card into the phone the WAP browser works, but it dosent let you browse to all sites. Ex. i tried going to and it failed to load, so i figured it might need the mobile extension in from of it to so i tried and it still wont load. Anyone have any ideas as to whats going on here?


Also if this is a issue with it somehow being a prepaid phone, should i try unlocking the phone and trying that?



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Re: Samsung A177 Error:Network Unavailable

I found out what the problems may be that cause this to happen.. 1. The sim card may not be compatible to the phone (not that common) and 2. Just reset the phone and all will work fine.(most common)
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Re: Samsung A177 Error:Network Unavailable

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Re: Samsung A177 Error:Network Unavailable

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