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*STICKY POST* Nokia Lumia 900 Diagnostic tool


*STICKY POST* Nokia Lumia 900 Diagnostic tool

Just like the Lumia 800, the 900 has the diagnostic tool. To get it:


  • On your dail keypad press "##634#".
  • Download should start after the last # is pressed.
  • The diagnostic tool should appear on the app list under Diagnostics.

On this diagnostic tool you can run tests on the following:

Accelerometer, ALS, audio loopback, camera, battery status, DTMF, gyroscope, hardware buttons, headset detection,  LCD white, lights,life timer, magetometer, power source, proximity, speaker, touch and vibration.

You also have the option to run all the tests in one run.





 Note: This app does no harm to the phone, it's just a hidden app Nokia forgot to mention in the owners guide. The app can be uninstalled if you choose to.

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Re: *STICKY POST* Nokia Lumia 900 Diagnostic tool

good to know thx buddy

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Re: *STICKY POST* Nokia Lumia 900 Diagnostic tool

thanks good to know...

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