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SS Focus WOW..U cant/dont have......


SS Focus WOW..U cant/dont have......

..all kinds of stuff I have on my T2. There's noway to,

Change the home screen

Get 3gp websites/videos

Transfer pix/vids over BT

No message read/received notification

Data connection stays on

File Explorer?

Can't use sd card in another phone

Nomore Cingularvideo.

Nomore MMS.....witzupwitdat?

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Re: SS Focus WOW..U cant/dont have......

Did I Mention u cant make your own playlists and cant assign ringtones from my music on the memcard.
I returned it. It stopped charging. Besides,WP7 was way too RESTRICTIVE. The limitations they put on the WP7s is just lame. Whatev.......
Im lovin the Infuse. Cant waitforit! Whens it coming?
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