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SMS no network coverage abroad


SMS no network coverage abroad

I recently bought a prepaid and went immediately abroad to assist my aging mother. There I tried to get access to my messages and received phone calls. Unfortunately there is not network coverage for prepaids abraod except Mexico. I had to enter my PIN being the last for digits of my phone number. AT&T answered me that they forwarded a new PIN to my SMS. Since I do not network coverage abroad, I cannot read my SMS. Catch 22. I chatted and inquired at AT&T, nobody seems to help me. I would have to fly back to the USA in order to read my SMS, so that I have my new PIN to be able to get access to my messages and received phone call numbers, when I will be back abroad. Couldn't AT&T help me in sending me my new PIN to my e-mail address? It would be so simple. They have my email address on file. Can anybody help me? Thank you kindly in advance.


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