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SE + AT&T = 0 chance of upgrade!


SE + AT&T = 0 chance of upgrade!

I highly recommend everyone look at this article in ComputerWorld from Jan 13, 2011:


I'll include two passages here for convenience:

There's really no way to sugar coat it: Sony failed when it came to Android upgrades in 2010. It gets a big fat zero all around, and with confirmation that its Xperia X10 phones will never see Froyo, there's really no hope remaining.


AT&T is without question the dunce of the group. The carrier everyone loves to hate has consistently shown itself to be the least desirable choice for Android, and its upgrade numbers reflect that attitude: Between June and December, AT&T failed to upgrade a single one of its nine Android phones.


So really, beware both companies if you're looking to get an updatable Android phone!

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Re: SE + AT&T = 0 chance of upgrade!

The more I hear about Android the less interested I am. Maybe that seems odd because I am a full time Linux user. From wikipedia, "Google and other members of the Open Handset Alliance collaborated on Android's development and release. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is tasked with the maintenance and further development of Android"


Open handset? Open source project? Hmmmph! So we have these issues including what handset hardware will handle what release and who put it together and how much money they want for it. Sorry that is not the Open Source way. I have been installing, using, and constantly upgrading computer software for free for years. Make a phone as easy to work with and I might get interested.


Oh wait! We have it! It is called a feature phone! Using official S/E firmware and various custom packs one can do all sorts of things and have a phone that does enough things to keep you busy all day. What use is there for any "smart" phone other than to rope you into paying more for data service?

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Re: SE + AT&T = 0 chance of upgrade!

You're better off debranding the device and flashing it to a generic 2.1 It's way worth it.

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Re: SE + AT&T = 0 chance of upgrade!

What you are hearing is not Android by design. It is a result of the carriers taking the operating system and disabling and removing features and adding security of their own. The carriers do this with all operating systems. The new Windows is so locked down I am reading that it is easier to root Android than it is to application unlock and remove the security on the new Windows devices. Basically, the carriers don't want you using the tethering feature, they want you to buy that from them, so they can sell you the same data you are already paying for. They don't want using the GPS for maps unless you are buying their version, like AT&T Navigator, even though there are free alternatives out there. They don't want you downloading apps from anywhere but the market because they want their cut and you might download an app that will actually "open" the the device back up. If the carriers would just stick to selling cellular service with data, there would be no need for all these carrier's custom updates. Everyone could just update from the manufacturer in a timely fashion and no device would come to it's end of life so quickly.
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Re: SE + AT&T = 0 chance of upgrade!

Oh, carriers certainly bear a big part of the responsiblity in the failure to update phones.  I really wish users would simply STOP signing new contracts until the carriers and manufacters FIX THIS MESS.  Personally, I'm still waiting for things to improve.  I refuse to buy anything until I'm confident that upgrades and fixes are the norm.

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