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SCAM BY AT&T and Apple together


SCAM BY AT&T and Apple together

I received a bill last month for a new iphone that I never purchased. I called AT&T and was told that they THINK that I purchased a phone at the Apple store. I asked them for a proof of purchase/copy of my signature/credit card information etc.. and they said they did not have anything. At that point they told me that it seems its a fraud committed by someone in the apple store. I filed a fraud report and they said they will credit my account for the same. However, as SHAMELESS as AT&T is, they continue to bill me for a phone/plan that I did not purchase and they have no proof for it. I have obviously cancelled all of my other existing lines and moved to VERIZON which is much professional and better company.

AT&T and its customer service has no bothered to resolve the issue yet and they keep scamming people for more money. I have filed a police report for the same and also informed eyewitness news and NY times fraud department of the same.


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Re: SCAM BY AT&T and Apple together

Unfortunately it isn't AT&T or Apple that committed the fraud. I work for a 3rd party wireless carrier and it is very common that we get customers that come in and try and upgrade lines that do not belong to them. Somehow your information was obtained and sold to someone. The information needed to do an upgrade includes the primary account holder's name, phone number, last 4 digits of their SSN, and zip code, all of which are things that are required for any contractual application.

The key is that the person doing the upgrade or activation MUST check ID. This used to stop those committing fraud dead in their tracks. Most would say they were going to the car to get their license and then never come back. Some would even go as far as to say that the primary account holder was stuck in Japan after the earthquake and could bot be there to do their upgrades. For some reason, almost all of these fraudulent transactions are done in order to obtain either an iPhone or Blackberry Torch.

Now, the fraud is becoming more complex. We are finding that some of those committing the fraud were able to have themselves added as authorized users on the account. Authorized users are allowed to only upgrade their line (not the primary line). We see this most often when there are two lines with completely different area codes on the account. In order to discourage this activity, we tell the fraud committing customer that we must first contact the primary account holder; they usually then leave. Just today we had 3 fraudulent customers which is rare to have so many. I personally think this recent flood of people's personal information is somehow linked to the recent PlayStation Network breach.

What makes it even harder is another type of fraud-committing customer. The one that starts a line or does an upgrade and then proceeds to cancel the line or contest that they even agreed to an upgrade. That customer, instead of returning the hardware after the cancelation, will instead keep it and/or sell it instead of returning it to the store as per policy for cancelation.

So this is where you get stuck; between a rock and a hard place. As much as you are a victim of fraud, AT&T, and even other carriers that face the same dilemma, must be cautious as to who's story to believe. Eventually it will all get figured out. 

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Re: SCAM BY AT&T and Apple together

How many billing cycles did they charge you up to and after you called to report it to ATT? Were the charges against an extisting line number on your then account so you could see the activity or was it flat charges for the phone and basic mothly charges?  Did you even receive the iphone?  It does sound like someone is using your account or card to purchase a phone. If it were me, i would hve canceled that credit card right away to get a new one issued, that would at least stop the auto charges. 


Got to be a way to figure out if the phone was being used and if anything, a list of calls show up on your monthly statement.. Sorry you went through that.  I will have to watch my account closely.

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