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S II Skyrocket Speaks Foreign Language for Media Sharing By Factory Default?


S II Skyrocket Speaks Foreign Language for Media Sharing By Factory Default?

Okay, I know this title isn't great, but I am going to to be specific here.

I bought my skyrocket just 3 days ago. Only yesterday did I first attempt to share a YouTube video to my Facebook wall, and that is when I found out that my Facebook page shows up in a foreign language, only when sharing content from YouTube or Vevo though. At no other time does my phone, above apps included, have any issue displaying plain English for me.

At first I thought this might be a setting problem, our an issue within the apps themselves. So.. I have deleted and re,downloaded, played with browser settings, searched high and low for something that explained why it should ask me to "Ingia" prior to posting media (no matter how many times I log in or try to save my credentials to prevent this).

Finally tonight, after exhausting all other options, I have factory rest my phone. I have not yet updated any app, nothing, and still I am greeted with the same horrible foreign page when sharing media from YouTube. I have signed in to Facebook by app and through browser, all English until I want to post videos, then, magically it expects me to learn Swahili (according to Google translate, Sanza means that I can "pass it on"). So I never really planed on learning a new language just to operate my phone before, but do I have a choice? I have no idea what this is, or what the problem could be. Doesn't seem like anyone I know has ever heard of this issue either, please help!!
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