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Run around

Nice online contact system. Go through all the steps to report that the phone isn't working in phone, text or data due to searching for signal, get a page that says to call ATT. The frickin phone doesn't work, how am I supposed to call you? Thankfully I have a Verizon hotspot or I wouldn't even have internet to research the problem and "contact" ATT.  However, still can't report the outage to ATT. Have used the "Mark this spot" app but have my doubts that this app is anything more than a placebo.

Really ATT, don't you think there could be a better system for customer support? Not very pleased with the service today.

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Re: Run around

Do not waste your breath. I spent over an hour on the phone this week to get zero answers.


Try this on for size. I have lived in the same location for almost two years. Service has been fine. Suddenly about 6 months ago, my roommates and I (there are three of us) all start experiencing no coverage, even though our phones tell us we have 4 bars of service and 4G.


I have been to Apple (iPhones) I have been to the store, I have been marking the spot, I have had my SIM cards changed out. Nothing makes it better. It is their new network. It does not have the capacity to cover everyone, so even though I have coverage, I cannot connect during high volume times.


Now they want me to pay $200 dollars to get a booster for my internet, so I can have coverage at home, where I had perfect coverage before they made their network switch. Great job AT&T. I have been a customer for 8 years now, but I am thinking of going to Verizon. Even though I dislike them, at least I will have coverage. I depend on my phone for my online business. I should not have to leave my area to get service. I live 4 blocks from a major city mall.

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