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Rugby II alarm / snooze issue


Rugby II alarm / snooze issue

Issue 1,

When I set an alarm and tell the phone to set the snooze to say 5 minutes and repeat say 5 times,  the alarm will go off at the proper time, and weather I place the snooze function on by pressing the volume control or just let the alarm go, after a few seconds the alarm icon disappears from the screen and the phone shuts off the alarm but the snooze function icon will continue to appear on the outside screen. The phone may allow one or 2 snooze cycles,sometimes none. It should allow as many cycles as I set. It did work the first few times I used it, now it works intermittently.  My sister has a older Samsung with a similar menu, I check hers to make sure I was not doing something wrong- hers works perfectly. By the way, this is the second phone the first one did the same thing, plus the volume buttons quit working



Issue 2.


Note this phone got in April of 2011 with a one year warranty.

Spent TWO hours on the phone with  ATT warranty section, they said yes it's an issue, but they will not replace it. I need to get a new  2 year plan .



This make any sense.


I don't want to be a stinker and go to executive support or the district manager as it's on  a corporate plan (guess with the T-Mobile deal the media would just love this) just a working phone.


Thanks for any suggestions!!!

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