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Rugby II: Any way to disable camera button?

Rugby II: Any way to disable camera button?

I've got a Rugby II that I've already "customized" to rid it of the PTT "feature". Now I'm finding the camera button has a similar problem. Every once in a while I pick up my closed phone and find it trying to snap a photo, presumably because the speaker button got pushed twice inadvertently. I've looked through the manual and played with options, but can't see any way to disable this functionality. Is it possible? I just want to be able to pick up the darn phone without starting some application I don't want, wearing the battery down, etc. -- Sam
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Re: Rugby II: Any way to disable camera button?

I do not know anything about a camera button but if it is anything like the PTT or on mine the Speaker phone button that i used to activate Very often when closing my phone at the end of a conversation, well i fixxed mine and i have never had the problem again.

I did this by Super Glue-ing the PTT and speaker buttons.

Now these are the buttons on the outside of the phone and this works well because I also cancel an incoming call or at least silence the ringer or even the vibrate when in silent by just squeezing the phone while its still in my pocket and the only button that works then is the volume up & down when I squeeze both sides. I do need to check my ringer volume on occasion from doing this.

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