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Ringtone capabilities with the W518a...


Ringtone capabilities with the W518a...

Howdy all...


The SE w518a seems to be a simple phone that my lady and I would upgrade to when our contract with AT&T is renewed later, down the road.

My Question?

Is there special software included with the 518 in order to use one's MP3 tracks as ringtones with this device?

I see that purchasing a ringtone from AT&T for this phone is not possible.

Any 4-1-1 with this and I'd appreciate it so.


Peace!<-AladdinSane<-Robot wink-

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Re: Ringtone capabilities with the W518a...

You're not going to be able to set full length MP3's from your music library as a ringtone on an at&t branded W518a.  If you purchased a non-branded W518 (or debranded an at&t W518a) then AFAIK you should be able to just use the full length MP3 files.  With the at&t branded version, you'll have to make a clip that is no more than 300 kB's. Smiley Sad
There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.

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Re: Ringtone capabilities with the W518a...



What you say isn't news, but I appreciate the reply nonetheless.

I'm hip to AT&T's branded 518s and their shortcomings, which is why I asked.

The question is how to make a 300 kB music clip from one of my MP3 tracks.

Is there some sort of included software with the 518 that may include an assist in doing this?



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Re: Ringtone capabilities with the W518a...

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Smiley Happy  There may be a way to make clips using software that is downloadable from the SE website (i.e. PC Suite, etc.) - I've just used an on-line audio editor, such as Lil'Tone .  There are quite a few on-line editors.  Or Audacity is a free download software that allows other adjustments besides just cutting a clip.

There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.

     - Doug Larson

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Re: Ringtone capabilities with the W518a...

Download Audacity (free MP3 editing utility) and 'crop' your MP3 file down to 30 seconds (AT&T I believe only rings for 25 or 30 seconds before going to voicemail).  Then output your cropped file and check the size.


If it's still above the 300K limit, open the file back up in Audacity and change the bitrate to 128Kbps (or lower) to get the file size down.  Changing it from a stereo mix, to single channel (mono) will help with the file size too.


Here's a link to the Audacity Wiki on making ringtones:


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Re: Ringtone capabilities with the W518a...

Well, this post is almost 4 yrs old but what the hey.....  Even if the original poster forgets it forever, somebody'll read it.....


To the best of my knowledge, and proven by my experimentation, any custom MP3 ringtone you want to use with the W518 cannot be any longer than 30 seconds.

Audacity is a great freebie audio editor to use to make ringtones. Pretty simple to use.

Just "copy from the original file/paste into the new file" 29 seconds of whatever chunk of audio you want to use from the original (or crop out 29 seconds from the original & then export the newly trimmed-down original file), drop the sound quality (make it MONO btw, not stereo. Stereo's pointless.) & sampling rate & etc, all to qualities as low as is acceptable for the purpose of keeping the file's finished size as small as possible.  Give it a name like mynewringtone.mp3, & ya got yourself a ringtone.

Get it onto your phone using a USB cable for the 508/518a, or transmit it from computer to cell via Bluetooth or, if you've got an M2 memory card in your phone, take that out & stick it in a M2 USB adapter & copy your ringtone onto the card, or you can even textmessage it to your cellphone as an attachment along with the email/textmessage from your desktop email program to:

Or, if you've got a web domain or space somewhere, make yourself a simple HTML file with a link in there pointing to your new ringtone's intended location address, FTP *both* that HTML file & your new MP3 ringtone to that same location address/webspace, fire up the proprietary AT&T Media Net internet browser on your W518a & manually enter in the address to that HTML file you made. When your HTML file shows up in the browser, just click on the link you put into that HTML file that points to the location of your new ringtone.  You'll then get a message asking you what you want to do with the MP3.  Save it to your phone, of course.....


Here's a supersimple HTML template for doing that.  Copy/paste what I've written into a textfile, name it something like getmyringtone.html, FTP it & the MP3 ringtone, & you're in bidness (Note: both the MP3 *and* the HTML file have to be in the same webspace directory for this simple HTML coding to work properly):



<a href="mynewringtone.mp3">Get My New Ringtone</a>



Kevin Kendall, forum newbie


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