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Ridiculous refunding processes !!!


Ridiculous refunding processes !!!

Why oh why does it take 24-48 hours for a refund to get back into my bank account when AT&T are the ones that screwed up the billing payment and put our bank account into OVERDRAWN ?  


You can take money out of our accounts in a heartbeat but it can take 24 - 48 hours to put that money back in ?  I'm sorry AT&T but that is just pathetic and an excuse for not wanting to help really !  


Can you please give me one of your pre-scripted excuses as to WHY it will take up to 48 hours to have OUR MOMEY back into OUR account when you can TAKE money from our account in less than 1 minute ? 


Nothing less than DISGUSTED with your services and if you want a reference try case number CM20120628_43804463.


I'm sorry but YOU AT&T screwed up our account so YOU should be getting that money back into our account TODAY thank you !



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Re: Ridiculous refunding processes !!!

Did you try to dispute the charge with your bank? I've had a similar situation before and the bank put the money back into my account immediately while they talked to ATT to resolve the issue. 

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Re: Ridiculous refunding processes !!!

Thanks ujmnz I've spent a lot of time on the phone today with both AT&T and Chase. AT&T confirmed transactions and even gave me transaction numbers but still.... Chase bank have NO records at all of these. What a MESS !!!
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