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Richmond, CA (94804)


Richmond, CA (94804)

Having probs since Monday where I used to have excellent service in the area, I now have none. I have to practically keep the phone on its side pointing towards a window (even though there's one aove my head) in order to get a sliver of reception but as soon as I move, all h3ll breaks loose.


Anyone having issues? 

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Re: Richmond, CA (94804)

I've had problems since October and I live on the Central Coast in Cali. I had great coverage up until 3months ago. No I get false positives on my phone where it shows that I have full bars but I don't receive any phone calls or I am unable to make calls. I get lots of messages that the "Network is Unavailable" or some such nonsense. Yet, my husband's phone will be ringing in the next room (usually someone trying to get a hold of me through him).


ATT keeps telling me its the phone, despite I have used three different phones a new SIM card and now I am on my 3rd replacement phone and still have the same issue. Tech support stated at one point that it was a network issue, but customer service was adamant it was my phone. I've gone to 3 different stores and they all say the phones are fine and refer me back to tech support. Tech support refers me back to customer service and customer service refers me back to warranty to replace the phone. And around and around we go....

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