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Returning an iphone 4 ordered from Premier account but replaced by apple


Returning an iphone 4 ordered from Premier account but replaced by apple


I ordered the new iphone 4 on June 15th when it was released for preorder and was one of the lucky ones who received it on 23rd June a day before release to public.


However have been having sever proximity sensor issues. I went to the apple store couple of times and on the second visit the replaced the unit but the problem still exists on the replaced unit.


it is so bad that every call I am on either puts me on speaker phone or mutes myself or opens up a random app.


I made up my mind and went to an ATT store last night to return the phone and get something else.


The rep was very helpful but we ran into issues with the return


(1) Since the phone was ordered online via premier he said he could not mark it as return to stock directly. I will have to call and have to ensure a manual update in the online inventory system which was fine.

(2) I had ported in a number so the number is different from the one it shows on the order receipt we found a way around it by manually entering the new number

(3) show stopper however is that the serial and IMEI number wont match with the box since apple replaced the unit


The store rep advised me to call the online store and see what could be done.


Can someone advise me on what would be the best way to handle this. i have documentation from apple that shows the new serial number for the replaced unit.


What should I do?

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Re: Returning an iphone 4 ordered from Premier account but replaced by apple

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