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Retrieving Voicemails lost after I upgraded to new iPhone?


Retrieving Voicemails lost after I upgraded to new iPhone?

I upgraded from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4S in December.  Unfortunately I didn't know this but it appears when an iPhone is upgraded that previous voicemails are lost.  I had backed up my iPhone 3G to iTunes and then did a restore an activation to the 4S. I just assumed these voicemails were either part of the backup or once I put my Voicemail password in that the voicemails would again be retrieved from the AT&T server.

I have since done some research and it appears that when a new iPhone is activated on AT&T's network that the previous Voicemail account is deleted and a new Voicemail account is created.  I don't know if this is true but I found this on Google with a link to AT&T's website. I didn't have to use a new voicemail password though and also did not have to create a new voicemail greeting so I don't know if this is true.

I was hoping I could dial into my Voicemail directly vs. using Visual Voicemail but unfortunately those voicemails are gone when I call in so maybe it's true that a new voicemail account is created.  Is this true or is there any way I can get these older voicemails by calling in?
The other hope I had is from the backup.  I am using a Mac and as I stated backed it up to iTunes but I am unable to get a clear answer on Google of whether the Visual Voicemails are backed up or not to iTunes' backup.  Also, I am unclear of how I can view these backups and retrieve something such as a voicemail from the backup if that data is indeed there.  

I appreciate any help you can offer me.  There is one voicemail from around 2-3 months ago that I need to provide to my attorney in a legal case.  

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Re: Retrieving Voicemails lost after I upgraded to new iPhone?

I think your only option at this point would be to try to restore your new phone from the oldest backup of your old phone that you can find. If you look in iTunes Preferences under the Devices tab, you'll see the backups of your phone. I think that's the only resort you have, as I don't think AT&T retains voicemails for any length of time.

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