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Restrict a family plan line from accessing the online account??


Restrict a family plan line from accessing the online account??

I have a family plan with four lines. One of those lines is an ex but I still let her keep her line until She can get her own. Problem is She can login to my account and view everything I can, and even change her plan around which ended up costing me a lot more, which is what brings me to this question. How can I restrict her from the account? She uses her own id (wireless number) and has her own password. I tried using the passcode but problem is she knows all my personal info like the last four digits of my social security number, billing zip code, basically everything she needs to turn the passcode off or change passwords or whatever she wants to do. It basically looks like me doing it so it doesn't matter what password or code I try she just changes it. I don't want to be mean and cancel her line, I'd just like to know if there's a way to restrict her phone number (id) from being able to login. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just didn't want to have to call at&t.

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