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Resizing email with images - Skyrocket


Resizing email with images - Skyrocket

Whenever I get emails with images in it, like emails from ATT, Target, GAP etc, the email is showing up as if being viewed in a computer, I mean i can only see a part of it in Skyrocket, so I have to manually resize the email so that it fits in my phone display. This is kind of an annoyance since coming from iPhone where the email with images would get resized to fit the iphone display. Just wondering if there is any setting that needs to be done on Skyrocket or if this is how it is going to be?


Also is there a way to wake up the phone without hitting the power button on the top right as we would do by pressing home button in the iPhone, i mean by pressing any (or combination) of the four buttons on the bottom.

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