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Reset password by email or phone


Reset password by email or phone

Our SIM card came up missing and we suspended the account.  While on the phone with Customer Service they did let us know that there has been activity on the phone but I would have to view that online.  When I tried to register, it told me that a passcode would be sent via text to the phone.  That doesn't help since we currently do not have the SIM card.  Under support topics it states that a Pay As You Go Care representative should have informed us of our password.  When I called back I was told that they can not.  Can anyone tell me how I can register the phone?

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Re: Reset password by email or phone

Other than activating the phone via the online account, I do not think there is any other way to activate the online account unless you get the passcode by obtaining the SIM card that's in the phone.

It seems that there must be some other way, though...

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