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Reset Iphone ,now have sketchy service


Reset Iphone ,now have sketchy service

My Iphone 4, bought in May 2011, "died" or at least went into a coma, Friday night. I made an appt with an Apple Store for today but this morning, I found out how to reset (reboot?) it. It worked, phone came on..but the battery is discharging VERY quickly and I am in and out of AT&T service. Cancelled the appointment with Apple before I realized this was happening


Anyone have this happen and am I better off contacting AT&T or going into an Apple store? Closest Apple store is over an hour away so I'd rather not, if I can help it..Smiley Happy



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Re: Reset Iphone ,now have sketchy service

ATT cannot do anything for you as Apple provides all support.  I would suggest a trip to the Apple store. Make an appointment so you do not waste a trip.  You can also call Apple in advance and have them start some troubleshooting with you to make your Genius Bar appointment that much quicker.


Your problem is not unique and sometimes restoring your phone and seting it up as new will clear something?  It does mean loosing all saved games, preferences, etc....


For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500

Information on iPhone unlocking can be found here by copying this link into your browser:
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