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Replacing phone first 30 days


Replacing phone first 30 days

Just got a phone, now can you replace it for any reason as long as it's not broken like the screen or physically broken? I just got it, and I noticed a teeny scratch on it, and I am not sure what's going on.


I bought it from the AT&T store, so can I replace it at a store? If so what do I need to bring? Thx.

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Re: Replacing phone first 30 days

Not sure what you're asking here. You can exchange a phone ONCE within the first 30 days, but they may not make the swap if there's physical damage to the phone. Are you wanting to exchange it because there's a scratch on it? Was the scratch there when you got it, or did it occur after you left the store?


You need to bring everything that came with the phone, all manuals, cables, etc., in the box, and it wouldn't hurt to bring your receipt.

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